Universal Indian Drum Notation

Indian Drumming for Everyone!

Our exciting and revolutionary notation system makes Indian percussion accessible to musicians from all backgrounds. Anyone with a basic knowledge of western notation can learn to play the Tabla drum by using our new Read & Play books and online support resources.

Composers can now write for Indian drums in new and exciting ways by specifying exactly what they require – whether it be a solo, band or orchestral piece.

Music teachers armed with our books can bring the beautiful sounds of Indian percussion to their classrooms and stages.

Percussionists can study playing techniques in our course books and then add the rich sounds of Indian drums to their kit.

We at Keda Music are committed to bringing the tabla and other Indian drums into a more widely accessible and modern context.

The notation system operates in a similar way to a regular two-line bongo stave. For Indian drums, each sound has its own unique notehead and position on the stave. The system applies to all Indian two-headed drums including Dholak, Mridangam, Dhol, Tavil and Pakhavaj.


A new world of possibilities...

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