Tabla Drums

We source superb quality Tabla drums from the topmost manufacturers and craftsmen.  High quality drumheads are made from the finest leather and void of any blemishes or weak areas. Precision assembly is carried out under supervision with care and dedication.

Specially treated and seasoned wood is sourced and used to create the drum shells. The larger (low pitched) drums are made from high quality steel.

All drums are carefully inspected and tuned before being delivered to you.

Junior Tabla sets

Designed and built for primary schools, these drums are slightly smaller than the adult sets - both in height and diameter.

Sets come complete with:

  • ring-cushions
  • protective drumhead covers
  • carrying bag

One Tuning Hammer is supplied with every four sets.

Full-Size Tabla Set

Ideal for schools, colleges and the self-sufficient learner at home.

Each set comes with:

  • Tuning hammer
  • Ring cushions
  • Protective drumhead covers
  • Carrying bag