Read & Play: Indian Tabla Drums

An exciting new way to learn

Start playing straight away! Our tabla notation system eliminates the need for you to memorise complex sounds,  passages and rhythms – which is almost impossible anyway for medium and fast passages! This is one of the advantages of our Read & Play system.

Three book course

This course has been designed to introduce you to the world of Indian tabla drums. It is assumed that you have little or no previous experience of how the tabla is played or taught traditionally, and that you are self-sufficient learner who has a basic knowledge of western music notation.

Emphasis has been placed on developing skills to play in an ensemble, orchestra or band. Students who later wish to become virtuosic improvisors in traditional Indian classical music should seek the support of a specialist tutor who has experience in this area.

Simple learning process

The playing techniques in this course are explained in easy to understand steps. You will start by learning the basic sounds on the large drum and then move to the smaller drum before playing them together.

Each module is divided into three sections:

  • Practice pieces to learn the basic strikes and sounds.
  • Solo pieces to develop your skill in performing.
  • Group pieces specially composed to perform alongside classroom instruments such as recorder, djembe, shaker and glockenspiel

Practice Time allows you to develop your techniques slowly and steadily with a metronome and suggested tempos. When you feel ready, have fun and Play Along with the online backing tracks.

Online support

  • Play Along backing tracks for all Practice, Solo and Group pieces. There are two versions of each piece – with and without the recorded tabla.
  • Scores & Parts to download (for free) and print as required
  • Strikes & Sounds of techniques and notations with videos.

Kuljit Bhamra

Course Author
The exciting and revolutionary Universal Indian Drum Notation used in this course allows students, teachers, composers and musicians to play the tabla and enjoy its rich, beautiful sounds. This breakthrough in tabla-education makes the instrument more accessible to musicians from differing backgrounds and cultures.

Indian Tabla Drums