Module 2 - Play Along

Combined Sounds and Advanced Techniques

Gi Practice

Gi Practice with Ge

Gi Practice with Ge and Ke

Slide 1 Practice

Slide 2 Practice

Slide 3 Practice

Ga Slide Practice

Three Slides Practice

Dotted-Rhythm Slide Practice

Ta Practice

Ta Practice with Na

Ta Practice with Na and Te

Ti Practice with Na

Da Practice

Da Practice with Slide, Ge, Tu, and Na

Di Practice

Di Practice with Slide and Da

Di Practice with Slide Da, Gi, Na

Course Support

These practice pieces are designed to be used with our Read & Play course books - but they can also be used by themselves.

  • Play Along and join the band. Have fun practising the pieces in our course modules by drumming along with these backing tracks.
  • Two versions of each Practice Piece are provided. Check your playing with the recorded tabla. Then, when you're confident, select the audio 'without tabla' and play along.