Introducing Tabla Touch

Tabla Touch® is the world’s first playable electronic tabla. It takes the subtle tonal qualities and versatility of the Indian tabla and delivers them in a superb range of revolutionary digital instruments. Not just another electronic drum – it’s a whole new experience.

With unmatched expression and outstanding playing accuracy, Tabla Touch will enable any composer, musician or enthusiast to access the world of authentic Indian drumming. Traditional tabla players will find they can pick up and play Tabla Touch without changing their playing style and access new worlds of performance in other styles and genres of music. The instant tuning feature will enable players to change key during a concert or even within a song, enabling greater expression and limitless music creation

Own one of these ground-breaking instruments and become part of this historic milestone. You will not have played anything quite like this before.

A Modern Gateway to a Traditional World

Tabla Touch - the world's first electronic tabla

Discover more about Tabla Touch and see it in action

Developed by our highly skilled and talented team of designers, technicians and musicians, the world’s first electronic tabla will allow you to play authentic and heart-warming sounds of Indian drums with unmatched expression and accuracy.  

Choose your favourite authentic tabla sound banks and tune the drums instantly with a turn of the dial – even during a performance. Left and right drums can be tuned individually and adjusted in volume to create your desired balance. The output signal to your headphones and amplifier can be set to mono or split stereo to give you ultimate control of your sound. Tabla Touch can be played by left and right-handed players and the Sensitivity Settings enable you to adjust the instrument to your playing strength.

Tabla Touch® is so much more than just an electronic tabla. Explore the additional built-in sounds: Dholak, Khol, Mridangam, Pakhawaj, Gautam, Hang, Tabla tarang, Manjira, Temple bells, Jhanj and 4 different tabla sets – all played and sampled by Kuljit Bhamra himself on exemplary drums in high quality audio.

Connect to a computer or sound module via MIDI and use Tabla Touch as a control surface – giving you a totally new way to trigger and control other sounds using your tabla technique. Create your own Indian drum compositions using our Indian Drum Notation. Connect Tabla Touch to Steinberg’s notation software Dorico and create and publish your own score. Share your compositions with other musicians worldwide. 

Tabla Drawing showing parts of the tabla

• Compact and portable design 
• Recognises the basic traditional tabla playing techniques 
• Independent & stable tuning of each drum
• Additional sound banks of Indian percussion included *(Pro and Studio models)
• Can be played left or right-handed
• Volume balance 
• Output to amp or mixer
• Split stereo and mono output options
• Headphone output with independent volume *(Pro & Studio)
• MIDI (Out) USB compatible
• Patented hit detection technology
• Accurate touch sensitivity and tonal variance
• Mountable on stand with a standard octapad plate *(optional)
• Standard AC power supply included *(Studio model is USB-c)

Kuljit Bhamra playing the electronic tabla

Developed and perfected by Kuljit Bhamra and his expert team of designers and electronics engineers

Tabla Touch® is the result of many years of research, development and prototyping by Kuljit Bhamra and his team at Keda Music Ltd.

Kuljit Bhamra MBE is an award-winning British composer, record producer and tabla player, known for his work in films soundtracks and theatre shows. He is best known as one of the pioneers of the British Bhangra sound and for his many collaborations with musicians from different genres and continents. Kuljit is currently Professor of Tabla, Indian Rhythms & Improvisation at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London. One of the topmost conservatoires.

Playing tabla since the age of six – he has made it a personal mission to demystify Indian Music and make Indian drumming accessible to everybody. He wants to see Indian drums being used in all genres of music, on all stages around the world.

Kuljit has personally overseen every aspect of the development of Tabla Touch to ensure that it’s a product he would be happy to use in any performance.

Together with his expert team, their demanding standards have led – through five years of development – to an astounding breakthrough in drum technology; one that not only faithfully reproduces the sounds of the acoustic tabla but that opens up so many new possibilities for drummers and musicians around the world. Instant pitch-change and MIDI connectivity enables limitless creativity and musical expression like never before.

Keda Music was founded at the old EMI factory, home to inventions such as stereo records, surround sound, the first transistor computer, airborne radar and the CAT scan.

Each model is handmade to order and assembled by our highly-skilled team of experts.

Central Research Laboratory
Manufacturing the Tabla Touch
Testing the electronic tabla prototype

Become one of the first to play this unique instrument

Access a new world of Indian drumming with exciting new possibilities

Tabla Touch

Enjoy playing Keda’s premium model in the range.  Each unit is carefully hand-assembled to a beautiful, sleek modern design with solid wood base. It can played on a table-top or stand-mounted.

Access 18 top quality sound banks of sampled sounds including 4 Tablas sets, Dholak, Mridangam, Pakhawaj, Shree Kol and metal percussion such as Jhanj, Manjira. Adjust sensitivity settings to suit your playing-strength and control master volume, balance, pitch on each drum, independent headphone volume. Switch to left-hand mode in the settings menu.

Choose from the wide range of sound banks or connect Pro to a computer to use it as a MIDI controller. Print out your own compositions using Steinberg’s notation software Dorico and our very own Indian Drum Notation – the perfect way to publish your piece and have it performed by other musicians worldwide.

Tabla Touch is a Registered Trademark ®

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